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Software vendor: Nathan Tech


Are you looking for an accessible calendar, better access to Google or Outlook calendars, an accessible clock, reminder system, timezone management or even a program that just reminds you at each hour to do something?
Why use several different programs to achieve the same purpose?
Why struggle with apps that only do half of what you want and are less than that for accessibility?
Use Antevorta!
It's your accessible calendar with google and Outlook support built in.
It's your timezone manager, your accessible clock.
It's the program that does everything already mentioned and so much more.
It's the guaranteed, fully accessible, fully free and high quality solution from Nathan Tech.

Software details:

Status: supported
Default language:English
Works on Windows:Yes.
Works on Mac:No.
Works on Linux:No.
Available as a portable version:Yes.
Available as an installable version:Yes.
Source available:No.
Available in multiple languages:No.
Last Updated:10-04-2021

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