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The Accessibility rating

the software of The Archive is sorted into 5 ratings:

Rating 5:

The rating of 5 out of 5 is the highest award we can give to a piece of software.
It means that the software is completely accessible and can be used straight after the download.

Rating 4:

This means the software being listed is mostly accessible but there may be minor issues.
A rating of 4 means that the software is still usable.
Often times, a piece of software is given this rating because some buttons are not reading correctly but it is otherwise accessible.

Rating 3:

The rating of 3 is given to software that can be used, but may need a little patients.
Often times this indicates software that we found fit for purpose, but we had to figure out what buttons or boxes were for.
Once their purpose was realised, the software was found to be usable though.

Rating 2:

this rating is given to software that is accessible, but only with the use of extra screen reader support. What we mean by this is the software is accessible, but only through the use of virtual cursors or extra keystrokes found through the use of screen readers.
Software of rating 2 is often times not accessible without the virtual cursor.

Rating 1:

Software with rating 1 is barely accessible.
It can be used, but will require patients and possible use of the virtual cursor.
Please refer to the notes for extra information.

Rating 0:

Rating 0 software is completely inaccessible and will not be listed on the database.
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