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Software vendor: Dolphin Computer Access


Is sight loss stealing your independence?
Technology can help you reclaim some of that independence. But what if you’re a total beginner or just not confident?
Designed for people with sight loss, GuideConnect is different:
Simple step-by-step menus walk and talk you through every task
Text and icons as big as you need
Friendly voices patiently guide you at a pace that suits you
Use the remote control, touch, mouse or keyboard – or add text with your voice
And if your sight is deteriorating, GuideConnect can adapt as your needs change
The simplest way to stay independent, connected and entertained, choose GuideConnect and you’ll soon be …
Sending & receiving emails
Managing your own calendar
Writing letters and listening to your post read aloud
Online – researching, pursuing new hobbies and reconnecting with old friends
Listening to audio books or today’s newspapers, delivered daily to GuideConnect

Software details:

Status: supported
Default language:English
Price:0 GBP (APPROX)
See stored price545.00 GBP
Demo Mode Available:Yes.
Available in multiple currencies:Yes.
Works on Windows:Yes.
Works on Mac:No.
Works on Linux:No.
Available as a portable version:No.
Available as an installable version:Yes.
Source available:No.
Available in multiple languages:Yes.
Last Updated:02-01-2021

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