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Software vendor: Nick Gammon


Fast and compact
Written in C++ for speed and compact size! Play your favourite MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) game with ease. Installed, it only requires around 11 Mb of disk space, plus any extra needed for storing MUD game configurations, and any plugins you download.
Want to know more about MUDs?
See MUD - from Wikipedia. Basically MUDs are text-based multi-player role-playing games. Most are free to play. MUSHclient itself is free and asks for no personal details before downloading it. A list of MUDs you can play is at The MUD Connector (there are over 1,000 of them!).
MUSHclient is easy to use
MUSHclient uses the standard Windows look-and-feel. Connecting to a MUD is really simple. Just select Quick Connect on the Connection menu, fill in the MUD's IP address and port number, and click OK!
MUSHclient is extensible
Add plugins to your world to extend MUSHclient's functionality! Over a dozen plugins are supplied with MUSHclient, plus you can download more from the plugins web page, and from other plugin authors.
Plugins are related groups of triggers, timers, aliases, scripts and variables. They are easily installed and removed.
Enhance your MUD experience with:
Aliases (command shorthands)
Triggers (auto-reponse to keywords)
Timers (send commands at intervals)
Keypad-navigation (use numeric keypad to go North, South, etc.)
Tab-completion (press to have a word completed from recent MUD output)
Speed-walking (quickly move by typing speed walks, like 4n 5w)
Auto-say. Having a long conversation? Let MUSHclient put say in front of everything you type.
Graphical bars (health bars, experience bars etc.) implemented by miniwindows
XML file format
MUSHclient files (world files, plugins, triggers, aliases, timers, variables) are saved in industry-standard XML format.
You can copy and paste triggers, aliases, etc. from one world to another.
Actively supported
The MUSHclient forum is a place for getting help, tips, asking questions, and generally getting support for MUSHclient.
You can use scripting to enhance the way that triggers, timers, aliases react to events, and also do additional things as required, like automatically reconnect, send socials randomly, and so on.
You can script in any of the following languages:
There are over 410 script functions and properties that can be called by scripting routines (plus some 300+ more that are specific to Lua only).
Recent versions support in-line scripting, so that triggers, aliases and timers can make decisions inline without having to use a separate script file.
There is a built-in editor to allow you to write scripts from within the program, which offers quick access to the help file entries for all script functions.
MXP and MCCP support
MUSHclient supports MUD Client Compression Protocol, versions 1 and 2 (MCCP), and Mud eXtension Protocol (MXP)
Proxy server support
MUSHclient supports connecting via Socks 4 and 5 proxy servers.
Chat system
MUSHclient has a built-in chat system that is compatible with both MudMaster and zChat protocols. You can use it to both make and receive chat calls to other compatible clients (including MUSHclient of course!). This includes the capability to send files, snoop their output, send commands, and more. The chat system is fully scriptable.
You can have dozens of worlds open at once. Each one can have up to 500,000 lines of recent output saved in memory. Each one can remember the last 5,000 commands you typed. There is a search facility for quickly finding individual items.
Multiple worlds support
You can even enter a single command and have it sent simultaneously to all, or selected, worlds.
Sound support
You can play up to 10 sound files simultaneously using DirectSound technology which is part of DirectX. These can be used for background music, ambient sounds, warnings, battle sounds and so on. Sounds can be played at different volume levels and panned between the left and right speakers.

You can read more on accessibility for this program at:

Software details:

Status: supported
Default language:English
Works on Windows:Yes.
Works on Mac:No.
Works on Linux:No.
Available as a portable version:Yes.
Available as an installable version:Yes.
Source available:No.
Available in multiple languages:No.
Last Updated:09-10-2020

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