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Pontes Media downloader

Software vendor: Pontes


With Pontes Media Downloader you can download and convert media from popular media websites such as Youtube, DailyMotion, etc. The program is a gui interface that puts together two command line tools: Youtube-dl for downloading media and FFmpeg for converting media.
The simple intuitive interface enables user to easily download and convert media from the Internet. You simply copy the URL of the page containing the video and press the Download button from Pontes Media Downloader. Also, this program is virus free and does not install any kind of toolbars or addons in your computer.
Pontes Media Downloader was programmed in C# (versions 1 - 2) and Java (version 3) by Nelu Cîmpean.

Software details:

Status: supported
Default language:English
Works on Windows:Yes.
Works on Mac:Yes.
Works on Linux:No.
Available as a portable version:No.
Available as an installable version:Yes.
Source available:No.
Available in multiple languages:No.
Last Updated:02-02-2021

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