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Software vendor: Cockos Incorporated


Reaper is a digital audio workstation (DAW) which can be used to compose music and edit audio. It is very customizable, but for this reason, it can be difficult to learn.

Users of other popular DAWs will note the lack of a robust amount of default virtual instruments and sounds. They might also note the price tag, which is much less for home and small business usage.

Reaper's feature set is much too diverse to list here, but some note worthy ones include:
* Multi-track editor
* scripting support via ReaScript
* Extensible via plugins
* Has an inbuilt midi editor
* has support for external editors
* Supports recording to multiple takes
* Default plugins are a good place to start for mixing and mastering

Reaper is not accessible by default. This means that screen reader users must install a plugin known as Osara in order to use Reaper. This plugin is available for Windows and Mac OS.

Software details:

Status: supported
Default language:English
Works on Windows:Yes.
Works on Mac:No.
Works on Linux:No.
Available as a portable version:Yes.
Available as an installable version:Yes.
Source available:No.
Available in multiple languages:No.
Last Updated:09-16-2021

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