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Software vendor: Fireseed Network


This is Theseus2000, the high-powered networking suite for PCs!
Theseus2000 is a suite of powerful networking tools that will allow you to diagnose and troubleshoot a wide range of networking and internet related problems. These include the following.
• Slow data transfer speeds over a network.
• Frequent disconnections from the internet.
• High levels of lag in online games.
• Websites taking way too long to load, or not loading at all
Theseus2000 is extremely light-weight, requiring less than 100MB of RAM to run. It is also very easy to use with its command-line interface and menu system. To activate an option within the program, just type the key associated with that option. What also makes Theseus2000 cool is its accessibility features for the blind/visually impaired. Sound effects for the user interface are enabled by default, and there is a speech output mode that allows information displayed by the program to be passed directly to a screen reader, speech engine or braille display.

Software details:

Status: supported
Default language:English
Works on Windows:Yes.
Works on Mac:No.
Works on Linux:No.
Available as a portable version:No.
Available as an installable version:Yes.
Source available:No.
Available in multiple languages:No.
Last Updated:09-11-2021

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