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Terms and Conditions of the Software Archive

The terms and Conditions for this Archive are split into four sections:


As a submitter, you are agreeing to the following:
  1. the software you are submitting is Malware free and safe to use.
  2. the software you are submiting is legal and unpirated.
  3. the information you are submitting is accurate as of the date you submit it to us.
  4. In the case of abandonwear software, you are agreeing that you have distribution rites to this software and by submitting the software to the archive you are also agreeing to give Nathan Tech those same distribution rites.

a user

As a user, defined as someone who has downloaded software or visited a website referenced in this archive you are agreeing to the following:
  1. The software is provided as is. Nathan Tech is not responsible for any damages, problems, refunds or information gathered through or by the software provided by other vendors.
  2. Nathan Tech is not responsible for, nor will handle, any support requests, refund requests, or payment information given to purchase a non-free product unless the software is marked as being owned by Nathan Tech.

The data

the data provided in The Archive is, to the best of our knowledge, up-to-date and accurate.
Any misinformation provided by the Software Archive is accidental, and will be subject to removal upon us being informed of the misinformation.


As a software vendor you have the rite to, at any time, request your software be removed from the archive or re-reviewed.
Data requests will be handled as fast as we can.
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